Harmony Jiroudek

Product specialist at Descript. Education technology enthusiast. Accomplished mezzo-soprano.


Enhance Your Online Learning With the Best Educational Software
Educational software plays a critical role in today’s learning environments. Here we highlight some different categories of today’s educational software and some digital learning platforms.
How to Record A Lecture: 7 Tips to Enhance the Learning Experience
The pandemic has forced educators to adopt virtual teaching forms, like record lectures. Luckily, good recordings don’t require much more than software, a webcam and microphone, and a good strategy.
How to Host a Webinar
Take it from the B2B marketers who are already doing it: 73% say that webinars are their best method for attracting high-quality leads.
How to make a tutorial video: Show, don’t tell
Want to learn how to make a tutorial video online? Here are the key things you should know.
How to Make Training Videos To Share Knowledge & Connect with Customers
Want to know how to make training videos? Here are some tips on what they’re best for, along with some advice on making your own.

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