Marilyn Moser

Creator Partner Manager at Descript


Affiliate marketing 101 with Pat Flynn
If you’ve got an audience, from a podcast, a list of email subscribers, or just a large following of superfans on social media, affiliate marketing is a no-brainer.
How to download TikTok videos
Downloading a TikTok video is pretty easy, with just a few clicks. It is a simple way to share them through messaging apps or back up your own content for safekeeping.
How to Make Branded GIFs For Instagram
GIFs are one of many potential tools in your brand communication arsenal, you don’t need to be an artist to make one, play around and engage your followers.
How L. Joy Williams turned civics class into a hit podcast
How L. Joy Williams made Sunday Civics into a hit podcast
Growing your podcast via networking on LinkedIn with Hala Taha
Young and Profiting podcast host Hala Taha shares her insights on networking via LinkedIn, growing a podcast and more.

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