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    With the Descript apps for Mac and Windows, you'll get access to Descript's most powerful features, including editing and offline access.

    Desktop application

    Feature Comparison: Mac | Windows | Web

    We're currently working hard to add all of the features available in the Mac version of Descript to our new Windows version. You can read about our platform strategy, or see below for a snapshot of what features are supported by each version of the platform.


    Windows App

    Windows App

    Transcribe Audio Files

    View/Play Interactive Transcript

    Cloud Project Sync

    Works Offline

    Change Playback Speed

    Patient Playback


    User-based access control

    Collaborative Editing

    Public/private url

    Collaborative Commenting

    Version History

    Transcript Editing

    Correct Transcription Errors


    Speaker Labels


    Ignore Text

    Inline Notes

    White Glove Transcription

    Multitrack Transcription

    Audio Editing

    Script-based Audio Editing

    Waveform Editor

    Fades / Crossfades

    Word Gap Editor

    Media Library

    Composition from Highlights

    Composition from Selection

    Trim Audio Regions

    Split Audio Regions

    Record Audio


    Word / RTF Document

    Subtitle/Caption (SRT, VTT)

    Audio (m4a, wav)

    Session (aaf, omf, sesx, edit)