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TikTok ban? Here’s how creators should prepare

A TikTok ban is looking more and more likely, but relying solely on TikTok to find success can be problematic for any creator. Here’s why, and what to do instead.

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When and how to hire help for your creative project

For every creator, there comes a time to figure out what you can offload so that you can make sure you’re able to attend to the heart of your work — the part no one can do but you.

AI for Creators

The ultimate list of AI tools for creators

AI tools can free humans of creative blocks and mundane tasks so they can be more creative. Here's a list of tools for all flavors of creator, from podcasters to visual artists.


Grow your podcast with promo swaps — here's how

Promo swaps are one of the easiest, most seamless, time-friendly, and effective ways to promote your podcast. Here's everything you need to know to make them happen.

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How do you know when a video is done?
We asked some of our favorite creators to get a well-rounded take on this eternal question.
Elevate your audio with EQ & compression
If you know how equalizers and compressors work, the next step is to start actually using them on your audio. We rounded up some pros to tell you how.
Fine cuts: Making your video screen-ready
A fine cut is where you sprinkle on the finishing details and add things like music, graphics, color correction, and whatever adjustments and corrections your video needs to be ready to publish.
How to overcome your fear of being on camera
Whether you're a vlogger, an influencer, or simply someone who wants to be more comfortable with video calls and virtual presentations, here are some strategies to help you feel more at ease in front of the camera.
Why you should use still photographs in your next video
There are many ways you can use still photography in your next video project, from practical uses that might just save you in your edit to purposeful stylization techniques.
How to nail a good podcast topic
Knowing how to turn an idea for a podcast into an actual, repeatable, compelling show is critical for any podcast creator. 
Podcasting resources from experts we love
We’ve collected how-tos and resource guides from creators, industry experts, and podcast companies all across the web to help you create the best podcast possible.
Using ambience and sound effects for podcast soundscapes
There are a range of ways to think about and implement sound effects for podcasts. Here's where to find that music and how to use it in a way that benefits your show.
Podcast metrics 101: Crunch the numbers to improve your show
Having hard data on your listeners’ habits can give you a sense of what’s working and what’s not — and help you set realistic goals for yourself and the show going forward.
3 ways to market your brand-new podcast from scratch
A brand new show doesn’t have any listeners yet, so traditional promotional approaches won't work. But that's ok — in fact, a new show has a leg up on the competition just by being new, and there are ways to lean into that newness.
Replace script track: a new way to create scripted content
Now you can swap out your script track — ie, your voiceover — and Descript will automatically align the new version with all your music, visuals, and effects. We call this “Replace script track."
Descript Storyboard: What's new for podcasters
Descript Storyboard release is focused on video, but it also contains some exciting new features for podcasters and audio creators
All-in-one audio & video editing, as easy as a doc.

Making podcasts and videos shouldn't require two different tools. Descript does both and makes them incredibly easy.

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