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We’re lucky to have a passionate, vibrant Descript community of video creators and podcasters. Our community is meant to be a resource for anyone looking to create things with Descript, or create in general.


Join us for one of our weekly, non-boring virtual events. We’ll show you how to make stuff with Descript, talk about craft and other creative topics, and take any questions you’ve got. Find one for you and sign up below.


You’ll meet thousands of creators in our Discord community, from seasoned pros to first-time podcast and video-makers. Get inspired, ask questions, and pick up tips for creating in Descript. Our team members hang out there too, so come say hi, have a chat, or vent if you need to.
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If you’re interested in getting more involved with the community, we have a few options for you.
Descript Ambassadors are enthusiastic Descript users who help support, teach, and build community with other users. They do this through starting user communities of their own, creating learning content and resources, contributing to our Discord community, and lots more.
Descript Champions are the biggest Descript advocates and evangelists inside their organizations. They bring Descript in, set up drives, and help their teammates get started creating and editing. This community is where Champions learn from each other, share best practices, and go deeper with the Descript team.
Join Descript's Beta Program to get early access to new features and updates. Help shape the future of Descript — and give us all your feedback.

Made with Descript

Making stuff is hard. That’s why inspiration from others is so handy. Check out some awesome video and audio our creators have made with Descript.