Studio-quality sound, without the studio.

Remove noise, enhance speech and sound like a pro — in one click.

One click

A simple toggle that makes it sound like you recorded in a studio, even if you didn’t.

Audio restoration

Available on all Descript accounts, across audio and video editing.

Anywhere, any mic

Whether you recorded in a studio or your kitchen, on an iPhone or a premium mic, Studio Sound will make it sound better.

Meet Studio Sound.

Other noise reduction tools work by subtracting sound — often including the sound you want to keep, leaving your voice sounding tinny or dampened. Studio Sound isolates speakers’ voices, then regenerates and enhances them while removing the echo and background clutter.

Make any audio better

Studio Sound’s regenerative algorithm works on most audio or video files, whether they’re recorded in Descript or imported.

Sound like a pro

Instantly enhance your voice and remove background noise, room echo and other sounds that distract from your content.

Hear the difference

Try it for yourself

Studio Sound is still in beta, but any Descript user can try it.