No teleprompter?
No problem.
Now you can keep looking at the camera no matter where you’re looking — at your script, screen, or slides. Eye Contact uses AI to subtly adjust your gaze in video so it appears you're looking directly into the camera — even when you’re reading something off-camera.
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No more retakes or memorization
With Eye Contact in Descript, you can read off a script or teleprompter without worrying about memorizing it or endless mistake-and-retake loops. You’ll spend less time recording, and zero time editing retakes.
No teleprompter necessary
There’s a reason news anchors, late-night hosts, and YouTube stars use a teleprompter — looking directly into the camera creates a more authentic, intimate connection with their audiences. Eye Contact lets you connect without buying a teleprompter, or learning to use it (which is a whole other skill, and not easy).
Choose your eyeball angle
Descript adds Eye Contact to your video non-destructively — so you still have the original and can toggle the effect on or off. Plus, you can apply it to parts of your video without altering the entire footage.
And that’s not all
Podcast Show Notes
Save the time you’d spend writing show notes by letting Descript’s AI write them for you—and save your creative energy for making your podcast.
Social Posts Writer
Get copy for your social media promotion—in a variety of writing styles, with hashtags and all—in a few clicks.
Turn into Blog Post
Instantly turn your script into a blog post to expose your content to a wider audience.
Edit for Clarity
Descript’s AI Edit for Clarity instantly, precisely finds and cuts filler words and non-essential chatter.
Remove Retakes
Record as many takes you need to get it exactly the way you want it—then remove all the bad takes in a single click using Descript’s Remove Retakes
Chapter Generator
Make it easy to find what you’re looking for—for you and your audience—by using AI to instantly create, name, and insert chapter markers.
Make Clips
Mine your videos and podcasts for the best takes to use as social media clips, highlights, or selects.
Script Generator
AI-generated scripts for podcast, video, and more

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