Short clips that pop
Combine Descript’s AI & easy editing with your creativity to turn your long-form video or podcast into clips that (might) go viral (maybe).
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The best podcasters use Descript
Dead-simple clip creation
Descript’s AI picks your clips, but you make them stand out — with editing as easy as drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste.
AI-powered clip selection
You might not know what goes viral on social, but AI does. Descript scans your content for the moments most likely to snag eyeballs on your feeds.
Unmatched editing tools. Unlimited creativity.
AI can only do so much — only you know how you want your clips to look and feel. Turn your creative vision loose with Descript’s full-featured video editor.
Clips that look cool
Use one of Descript’s templates or create your own to match your look and make it even faster the next time.
Your complete AI toolkit
Descript introduced AI video editing in 2018, and we’ve been piling on ever since. Now you’ve got AI magic at every stage of your creative process.
Eye Contact
No teleprompter? No problem. Descript’s AI will make it look like your eyes were locked on the camera, even if you were reading off-screen.
Studio Sound
You don’t need an expensive mic and soundproofed recording space. Studio Sound will make it sound like you recorded in a studio. In a single click.
Remove Filler Words
Instantly hunt down and easily remove all the “ums,” “uhs,” “likes,” and “you knows” to make yourself sound smarter (even if you’re not).
AI Speech
Creating a voice clone so you can correct audio mistakes or even create new spoken audio just by typing. Or use one of our stock voices for no-mic-required voice-overs.
The best audio engineer in the world can’t fix cuts that create mismatched tone. But Descript’s AI makes impossible edits like that possible — in a click.
Automatic transcription
Just drag-and-drop you audio or video file; you’ll get a transcript in moments. Now you’ve stepped through the looking glass, into the magical land of editing in Descript.
Green Screen
Don’t bother with a real green screen, or even with tidying up. Just click on Green Screen, let it remove your background, then replace it with anything you want.
Social post writer
Creating your video or podcast was hard enough. Now you have to agonize over writing social posts to promote it? Nah, just let Descript’s AI write them for you.
Podcast show notes & YouTube description
Another annoying but important task you can check off your list in an instant using AI. Even if it’s not perfect, it should get you most of the way there.

Frequently asked questions

What platforms can Descript create short-form video for?
Instagram. TikTok. LinkedIn. YouTube Shorts. Twitter (or X if we must). Facebook. In other words, all of them.
Can I use Descript to repurpose webinars and other long-form video?
Oh yeah. Just drag your video file in, get a transcript, and ask Descript’s AI to find your most social-worthy highlights. Then clip them, add your branding, and post those suckers. It’s literally that easy.
What are AI clips and will people think I’m a monster for using them?
AI clips could just be clips you make with the help of AI tools like Descript’s. Nothing wrong with that — your creativity is still an absolute necessity. AI clips could also be fake or shoddy content made entirely using generative AI tools. Posting those might not make you a monster, but it’s pretty uncool if you ask us — mostly because the quality is still pretty terrible.
What about that Mr. Beast?
The videos are tough to watch if you’re over the age of 13. But the burgers are excellent.
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