Fast, easy, powerful - and fun.

Full-featured video editing for anyone that can use a doc.

A video word processor. Edit video by editing text.


Make videos from start to finish.


Scale and position layers of audio, video, images, GIFs, and more.


Descript preserves your original files as you edit.

Titles & Captions

Add introductions, title cards, and captions to ensure your videos are accessible without sound.


Easily insert transitions between scenes, sections, and cuts for a smooth flow.

Keyframe animation

Zoom in on key elements or animate layers and objects.


Add shapes and visual elements to call out key details or focus your audiences' attention.

The fastest way to incorporate screen recordings into your videos.

Write your voiceover with Overdub, our ultra-realistic text to speech voices

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A video editor built for teams

Live Collaboration

Multiple users can edit Descript projects at the same time.


Leave and reply to comments, @mention collaborators.

Shared folders

Create folders to automatically share projects with your team.

Cloud backup

No more file management or backup. Descript automatically saves changes to the cloud as you work.

Version history

Descript saves old versions of your Projects so you can restore them if something goes wrong.

Works offline

No internet connection required. Offline changes automatically sync when you reconnect.