Less work, more flow. Video editing made easy.

Descript is an all-in-one video editor that's as intuitive as a word processor. Edit like a doc with helpful AI to make great videos fast—from start to finish.
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More than 6 million creators & teams use Descript, including:

Know how to edit a doc?
Then you know how to edit videos.

If you can imagine it, you can make it in Descript.

Create vlogs, faceless videos, reviews, and Shorts you can publish directly to YouTube.
Sell and showcase products with demo videos, screen recordings, and tutorials.
Produce how-to guides, explainers, webinars, and training videos that show people how to do stuff.
Record interviews and turn them into podcasts, audiograms, and teasers.
Repurpose videos into clips for TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram reels, and YouTube Shorts.
Promote your brand with video ads, case studies, testimonials, and customer resources.

Expert-level edits in a couple of clicks

Advanced, even impossible edits take seconds with Descript’s AI. Removing video backgrounds in a click. Rotate eyeballs in their sockets to direct them at the camera. Or type over dialogue to correct a mispronounced name.

Use AI to turn one video into many social clips

Descript automatically highlights clip-worthy moments in your video to bulk-create teasers and social content in any aspect ratio, size or format. Apply branded templates complete with animated captions to get more reach and engagement.

Collaborative video editing without the chaos

Invite your team to create alongside you with features like commenting, version history, a shared media library, and branded templates.

All the features of your dad’s video editor.
And more.

Text-based editing
Edit videos faster by editing an automatically generated transcript. All you need is a keyboard, a mouse, and some fingers.
Automatic filler word removal
Quickly detect and erase long pauses, repetition, and filler words like "um," "uh," and "like” to make yourself sound smarter than you really are.
Media library
Access an extensive stock library of videos, images, sound effects, and music, plus any assets you upload, right there in Descript.
Fix eye contact & audio errors
Correct speech errors as if they were typos and shift your eyes to the camera in post. A little creepy, but awesome.
AI speech generation
Clone your voice in minutes. Turn text into speech that sounds like you in seconds. Or borrow one of our AI voices.
Enhance voices
Studio Sound makes voices sound like they were recorded in a studio—even if they were recorded on your phone or in your closet.
Subtitles & captions
Add animated captions in seconds for more engaging and more accessible videos.
Video templates
Save time and keep your videos consistent with customizable templates.
Built-in recording
Capture your webcam, mic, or screen, and up to 10 guests remotely. Right in Descript.

How to edit videos in Descript

Drag & drop, or hit record
Upload all your project files, or start recording or writing, all in Descript.
Edit the transcript
Use the transcript Descript generates to edit your video. Backspace in the script to trim or cut. Paste layers directly onto specific moments. Or highlight excerpts to create clips.
Publish your video
Download your video, publish it directly to platforms like YouTube, or embed your video anywhere using the Descript web player.

Join millions of creators, YouTubers, and brands using Descript

With a 4.6 out of 5 star rating and numerous distinctions on G2, Descript has been recognized as a leader in the video editing & podcasting space.
“I’d marry Descript if I could. It saves me heaps of time & helps me create a superior product.”
Hubert H
“Descript has been a game-changer, making editing a joy instead of a chore.”
Brigitte B PHD
“I'm a marketer with no video editing background but I can now create and edit videos [with Descript] in no time.”
Harini R
“Descript is the best audio and video production tool on the market.”
Paul S
“I use [Descript] on the daily for transcription, audio/podcast editing, video editing, content creation and more. Could not recommend it enough whether you are a marketer, podcaster, content creator, advertiser, or product leads. I put this sh*t on everything!”
Hubert H
“Descript is the GOAT editor. I still repeatedly think "wowza, this is bonkers" as I edit videos & podcasts like a word doc. Genuinely magical app.”
Hubert H

Frequently asked questions

How much does Descript cost?
It’s free to get started with Descript with one watermark-free video export per month. Whenever you’re ready for more, you can unlock unlimited watermark-free exports in 4K, more transcription and recording hours per month, and advanced AI features starting at just $12 a month.
Can I work on videos with my team in Descript?
Absolutely–creative projects are a whole lot better and more fun when you collaborate with others. Descript lets you invite as many Basic members as you want to view and give feedback on your projects. You only ever pay for active Editors.
What does Descript do that traditional online video editors don’t?
Descript makes you a viral-video star without doing any work at all. Just kidding. What Descript does do is help you express your ideas and unleash your creativity with a unique video editor that puts the script, not the timeline, front and center. You can write, storyboard, record, transcribe, edit, enhance, collaborate, and publish your video without juggling several apps or becoming a professional video editor.
Do I need any video editing experience to use Descript?
No, but it doesn’t hurt. Like how it doesn’t hurt to know what a tricolon is when you’re writing in a doc. Descript saves pro video editors time, and empowers everyone else to communicate ideas with professional-quality video. If you’re a beginner who wants to learn stuff like the difference between a jump cut and cross cut, start here.
Can I win an Oscar with Descript?
Definitely. Though for now, we’d recommend trying for like costume design or something. Or write a screenplay based on some super-long biography you read. That seems to work.
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