Look and sound your best with Descript.

The fast, easy way to edit and share screen recordings.
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Video with a ⌫ backspace key.

Get an instant transcript of your recording, and use it to edit your video before you share. Communicate with video without losing the flexibility of text.
Filler word removal →

Sound, like, smarter.

Remove ums, uhs, likes, you knows, and repeated words with a single click, reducing the length of your videos by up to 10%.
Overdub →

Fix audio mistakes by typing.

Descript learns your voice, so you can type to generate audio that sounds just like you.
Video editing →

Editing superpowers.

Below the screen recorder’s surface is a fully-powered video editor. Add titles, transitions, music, effects, animation, and more.
Collaboration →

Free for teams. 

Your whole team can use Descript’s screen recorder for free. Only editors pay.
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