Descript for Education.

A simple, powerful way to quickly create crisp, organized, accessible presentations. And it makes editing easy – even fun. If you’re a student, educator, or non-profit, you can get a discount on Descript.

Create accessible online learning content

When you share a video made in Descript, it includes an interactive transcript and easy-to-create subtitles, making your presentation accessible for everyone, no matter their learning styles. You can also export subtitles as SRT or VTT files and import them into any learning management system.

Deliver a customized hybrid classroom experience

Create and record lecture material in advance to give your students a more meaningful experience in the classroom, and provide feedback at scale. Simple video editing that teachers can use to personalize, share and  connect with their  students.

Edit video by editing text

Auto-Transcribe Recordings: Record or import your video into Descript, wait a few seconds while we transcribe it, then you trim down and rearrange your video just like you would a document.

Remove filler words: Descript detects “um,” “uh”, “like,” “you know”, repeated words, and a dozen other filler words, so you can cut them from your video with a click. Removing filler words not only makes your presentations more clear and persuasive, it saves time — as much as 10% of a recording.

Delete unnecessary content: Every presentation has a part or two that you wish you could edit out. Descript makes it easy for you to get to the point.

Clip highlights: It’s easy to create multiple versions of your presentation, including highlight reels.

The easiest way to make video presentations

Cut, copy, and paste your video presentations and lecture material into a single file (or video).

Use Descript’s screen and webcam recorder to record and transcribe your presentation. Or copy-and-paste a link to import your recorded lecture from Zoom.

Descript is a fully powered video editor, so it’s easy to add images or video cutaways, or make corrections. You can even copy and paste slides from a Powerpoint presentation.

Add a quick voice-over by recording audio directly into Descript.

Use Overdub to create voice overs & keep your content current

Descript’s Overdub gives you the most realistic text to speech voice synthesis available. So if you aren’t in a position to record clear, high quality audio, you can type it with Overdub, and then construct a video around it. And make corrections by simply deleting and updating your text.

Publish and share videos with an interactive transcript

When you’re done making your video, you can publish it to the web in a single click. You’ll get a page with an interactive transcript, making it easy to browse, navigate to different sections, search, and leave comments. Your shareable pages are also embeddable anywhere on the web or in your LMS of choice.

Same goes for audio if you’re publishing a podcast or audio only projects.

Descript for students

Easily transcribe class notes by importing an audio recording from your phone or laptop. Highlight, annotate, and share notes with your classmates, just like you would a Google doc. 

Descript even transcribes in 23 languages.  

Bring true collaboration to your multimedia class projects – watch your classmates editing, give feedback with real-time commenting, and share with others when you want more eyes on your work. When you’re done, you’ll be able to deliver your project as a video, a podcast or audio file, a GIF, or an audiogram – all with an automatically generated, easily corrected transcript you can use to instantly create subtitles for full accessibility. Or quickly create a series of short video clips with animated captions, waveforms, and other visuals perfect for sharing on TikTok or Instagram. 

All of those features can also be powerful weapons when you’re creating admissions materials like portfolios, reels, and video essays.

Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor that works like a doc. It includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, and some mind-bendingly useful AI tools.