A podcast editing powerhouse

Beneath its approachable exterior, Descript is a fully featured, non-destructive multitrack
workstation, complete with all the editing tools you need to create a high-quality
podcast — and all the power you expect from a DAW.

How does it work?


Multitrack recording

Simultaneously record unlimited tracks, add intros and outros, music, and effects. Each track is transcribed separately, and then combined into a single transcript with dynamically inserted speaker labels.

Live Editing

Descript automatically transcribes audio as you record, so you can edit audio or clean up scripted recording sessions in real-time. Streamline your editing process with Descript’s collaborative audio editing features. Instantly remove background noise with Studio Sound, or correct mistakes by typing with Overdub.

Computer audio recording

In addition to recording from external microphones, record the audio playing from your computer, both Mac and Windows.


Non-destructive editing

When you delete or edit clips, the original source files are preserved and accessible from your Project’s media library.


Use Sequences to create groups of tracks that behave and appear as a single clip. A powerful tool for working with multiple tracks of voice or other groups of clips that need to stay in sync — and one you won’t find in any other digital audio workstation.

Cloud media library

Descript auto-saves all of your assets to the cloud, where they’re always available to you and your collaborators. Easy to organize, filter, and search.

Timeline editor

All the features and editing tools you need for editing in timeline format. Adjust boundary trim, add crossfades, or expand or contract the space between words. All edits made in the timeline are synced to the script view — and vice-versa.


The  Wordbar in Descript’s timeline enables you to quickly, intuitively adjust the space between words by clicking and dragging the words above the waveform.

Automatic room tone generation

An AI-powered feature that fills in clip gaps with room tone generated from your source material.

Mic bleed detection

Descript identifies mic bleed in a multi-track recording where all the mics were in the same room.

Multi-Composition Projects

Include multiple timelines in a session, organize raw tape, pull in new material, and have different drafts — all in the same project.

Clip to Composition & copy highlights

Identify clips you want to save for later at the bottom of your composition. Easily pull your selects and copy to a clipboard using a keyboard shortcut.

Batch cut and paste audio search results

Quickly copy not just the word you searched for, but the whole sentence, then paste it into a new composition.

Shorten or remove silences

Adjust word gaps in a single click.

Powerful search features

Quickly locate words and phrases in your media.

Batch clip editing

Edit all properties of multiple clips (e.g. scale, position, volume) at the same time.


Fades & crossfades: Seamless transitions between clips.

Volume automation

Draw volume curves or bring levels down when the recording gets hot.

Audio effects suite  

A full suite of audio effects, including distortion, echo, flanger, bit crusher, reverb, compressor, limiter, ducking, noise gate, multiband EQ, and parametric EQ to make your post-production life easier.

Track & clip level effects

Easily apply video or sound effects on a single clip, across a whole track — or across your entire Composition.

Automatic leveling

Descript automatically sets the levels of new clips using loudness normalization to seamlessly maintain a high-quality audio experience.

Automatic microfades

Descript adds a microfade between edit boundaries, so you don’t have to go in and create zillions of little fades.

Loudness normalization

Normalize volume on imported media or when you export.


Automatically reduce the volume of other tracks (like background voice-over, music, effects, etc.) in a composition, anytime a clip is present on the enabled track.


Batch export

Multiple-file audio or video exports to a folder on your hard drive.

Non-destructive timeline export

Export and open your project in another editor with all the tracks, clips, and fades intact. Your source files are preserved and intact in Pro Tools, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and others.

Podcast metadata

Encode your show name, description, podcast episode name, and artwork; Export markers, line breaks, and all Compositions. Create separate files for every distinct line break.

Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor that works like a doc. It includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, and some mind-bendingly useful AI tools.