Why your startup should use Descript

Descript is a startup with about 35 people, all working remotely (for the moment). With our recent launch of a screen recorder and full video editing, we built the video product that we’ve always wanted - a single multitool the could address all of our employee’s video needs.

Descript marries the ease of capture and sharing found in screen recorder applets with the editing power of a tool like Screenflow or Camtasia, and delivers it with our script-based editing interface, making it easy for anyone to edit video that can edit a doc.

Here are some of the reasons we think Descript an essential part of your startup’s tech stack.

A free screen and webcam recorder for your team

Screen recorders are simple applets that let you quickly record and upload a recording of your screen and/or webcam, and then copy a url of the video to your clipboard so you can quickly share. In 2020, screen recorders are nearly as essential to communication as email. And while there are many screen recorders to choose from, there are none quite like Descript:

1) It’s free. You only pay for the people on your team that want to edit recordings.

2) Transcripts: Screen recordings are transcribed, making it easier to browse, search, and leave comments.

3) Editing: This is the big one. While it can be a lot easier to make a screen recording than write an email, most people don’t speak in perfectly formed sentences. Lots of screen recordings are rambling and tedious. With Descript you can quickly zap filler words, remove outtakes, and a lot more. And because lets you edit video by editing text, it’s as fast as easy as editing an email.

The perfect tool for product videos

Descript has all the video editing features you need to make professional grade videos to introduce new features or embed in your help center. Record and edit your narration, and then add in music, images, titles, captions, and videos by dropping it onto the transcript.

Descript is particularly strong for creating videos that feature screen recordings. Use Descript’s built in screen recorder to capture video, and then paste it exactly where you want it to go. It’s much faster and easier than other tools.

If you don’t have a great narrator for your product videos, use one of our Overdub stock voices. They sound great, and it makes editing even easier.

When you’re ready for feedback, just share the link with your teammates, and they’ll leave comments Google Docs style. Incorporating edits is easy, too, because you can use Overdub to generate editorial corrections to audio - no need to re-record.

Transcribe and share meetings (the good parts)

Transcribing all your meetings sounds like a great idea - but have you ever tried to read a transcript of a meeting? Pain.

With Descript you can quickly edit your meetings down to the worthwhile parts - or just pull the highlights - and share something that’s actually useful with the rest of your company.

Capture bugs with perfect reproduction steps

In a startup, your employees are often your most valuable beta testers. But most of them don’t have the time to stop what they’re doing and perfectly document every bug they encounter.

With Descript, they can quickly grab a transcribed recording, providing a higher resolution set of reproduction steps than text alone will ever match.

Organize and share user research

Watching customers use your product is one of the most illuminating ways for a startup to set priorities. But customer research videos are long with lots of uninteresting bits, and few startup employees have bandwidth to mine through them.

Descript makes it easy to cut together highlight reels of your user research - learn more here.

Personalized videos for sales, customer success, and support

Descript’s screen recorder makes it easy to capture personalized demos, walkthroughs, and troubleshooting support for your customers. And because Descript is also and editor, you always have the option to clear them up before you send them out - or mix and match personalized video with reusable templates.

"...If I can't use Descript anymore, I'm in trouble..."

Drew DiPasquale, Hubspot

Turn case studies into marketing collateral

At Descript, when we do case study calls with customers, we use Descript to turn the highlights into audiograms. There’s nothing quite like hearing how they said it.

Make an internal podcast

An internal podcast featuring presentations and interviews is a great way to share information across different parts of the company or get to know your coworkers on a more personal level. Descript is just as easy and powerful when it comes to making podcasts as it is with video.

Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor that works like a doc. It includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, and some mind-bendingly useful AI tools.