Lara Unnerstall

Former Video Producer at Descript. Filmmaker, writer, and dog weirdo.


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Arielle Nissenblatt

Social Media & Community Expert

Lara Unnerstall

Former Video Producer at Descript. Filmmaker, writer, and dog weirdo.
Understanding YouTube analytics to level up your channel
Understanding analytics is the only way to optimize your channel and see which content is resonating, it shouldn’t be the only thing to keep in mind, but it helps.
Video to link: How to create a video link to easily share your content
Here’s how to upload your video to one of the internet’s many video-sharing platforms and create a video link people can click on to see your work.
Point of view shot: Why a subjective shot is important in film
Here’s a deep dive on this essential shot, including how best to use it and some of the classic film scenes that made it famous.
The importance of video composition when shooting a film
Most directors and cinematographers abide by a few composition guidelines to some degree. As you study the art of composition in cinematography, keep the following rules in mind.
How to sync audio and video: 3 options with tips
It’s frustrating when your video sound lags behind what people see on screen. Here’s how to sync both the audio and video footage.
Editing For YouTube Videos: Unique Platform, Unique Approach
No matter what kind of video you want to edit, there is a generalizable approach you can use to turn your raw footage into something YouTube-worthy.
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