How They Made It

Sometimes indie creators really do hit it big. Hear how some of your favorite independent podcasters and video creators got their start—and the turning point that changed everything.


Join the Party's Eric Silver & Brandon Grugle on building community & funds for your podcast
The team behind Join the Party has built a loyal online fanbase—not to mention a entire indie podcast collective. We asked them how they did it.
Low Orbit's Josh Mattison on becoming a self-taught producer of "slow radio"
Josh Mattison got his start in graphic design. Here's how he learned to create the critically acclaimed audio storytelling of Low Orbit.
How Beyond...with Mike Kelton uses Descript to make a far-reaching show with a tiny team
Mike Kelton and producer Tracy Soren left a major network and took their show indie—and they're thriving. We talked about how they did it.
Vanessa Quirk of Urban Roots on using podcasts to make a difference
We talked to Vanessa about why LinkedIn is her most important social network, how she uses Descript to put together episodes, and whether to look for funding or stories first.
My Perfect Console’s Simon Parkin on how to make your interview podcast stand out
Simon Parkin didn't set out to make an indie podcast, but that's what he did. He shares how a sharp format helps his interview show stand out and how to stay creative with a day job.
The Dumb Zone on the tricky transition from radio to podcasting
Dan McDowell and Jake Kemp's move from radio to podcasting came with contract disputes, a lawsuit, and the challenge of rebuilding their once massive audience.
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