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Record crystal-clear podcasts and video, from anywhere. Transcribe, edit, then publish in seconds.
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Say goodbye to lousy video calls

Studio-quality recording

Descript captures you and up to 10 guests locally, so you get high- quality audio and video up to 4K—even if your internet is slow or glitchy.

Fail-proof backups

Computer crashed? We continuously upload everyone’s audio & video to the cloud the moment they start recording, so you don’t lose anything.

No set-up necessary

Guests and co-hosts can join your recording session with a single click from their computer or phone. No downloads or extra hardware required.

Built into a world-class editor

Descript is a fully-featured podcast editor that’s both simple and powerful. We automatically transcribe your files in seconds, so you can quickly make edits like a doc, or dive into our multi-track timeline editor.

Goodbye crappy conference call recordings.
Hello silky smooth audio and video.

Superior sounding audio and video

Get crystal clear recordings with locally recorded, uncompressed audio and video files. No more connectivity issues. No more pixelated faces. No more audio drift.

Multiple backups.
No lost files.

Progressive uploads and multiple backups keep your audio and video files safe from the moment they’re recorded. Creativity may be about taking risks, but losing your files shouldn’t be one of them.

Faster and easier post production

Get ultimate creative control over the final product with individual tracks for each speaker and astonishingly smart AI editing tools built right in.

Editing tools that put the art into artificial intelligence.

Text Based Editing

Edit video and audio files just like you edit a text document.
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Filler Word Removal

Remove all your “um”s and “uh”s with the click of a button.
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Studio Sound

Remove background noise & enhance sound quality with AI.
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Social Clips & Templates

Create unique, shareable clips of video and audio in a snap.
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Boost your storytelling with smart integrations.

We integrate with a huge set of powerful tools that can help you with audio mastering, engagement metrics, publishing schedules, and more.
Record, edit, & publish high-quality podcasts. All in one place.
Record, edit, & publish high-quality podcasts.
All in one place.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is remote recording?
With remote recording, you can record multiple people when they’re not in the same room, without downloading an app or buying any equipment. You can use remote recording to conduct podcast interviews with people on the other side of the world, turn a live virtual class into timeless content, or record a meeting you couldn’t make.
How many guests can I record in a single remote recording session with Descript?
You can record up to 10 guests in a single recording session with Descript. That includes separate audio and video tracks for each person, all recorded locally and then uploaded to Descript.
How is Descript better than Zoom for remote recording?
Zoom is a video conferencing tool. That means its recording features were designed for remote work and virtual meetings. Descript is an all-in-one podcast and video editing solution with a remote recording studio baked in. So you can transcribe, edit, enhance, and then share your recordings as text, audio, or video content.
What are the differences between Descript and Riverside?
Riverside is a remote recording solution mostly focused on podcasters. Descript has a remote recording studio built into an end-to-end podcast-and-video editor packed with AI features like voice cloning, text-to-speech, image generation, and more. Compare Descript and Riverside to see for yourself.
What are some best practices for recording audio and video from two locations?
If you’re recording from multiple locations, each person should have a good internet connection, quality microphone, and a quiet environment. Descript lets you break a lot of those best practices with local multi-track recording that makes internet speed irrelevant, AI voice enhancement, and background noise removal with Studio Sound, and more.