Product Updates

It's here: the all-new Descript, backed by OpenAI Startup Fund
We're releasing an all-new version of Descript and we're announcing that the OpenAI Startup Fund will be leading our $50 million series C fundraising round.
Descript Storyboard: What's new for podcasters
Descript Storyboard release is focused on video, but it also contains some exciting new features for podcasters and audio creators
Replace script track: a new way to create scripted content
Now you can swap out your script track — ie, your voiceover — and Descript will automatically align the new version with all your music, visuals, and effects. We call this “Replace script track."
New one-click integrations with Riverside, SquadCast, Restream, Captivate
Edit in Descript integration lets you jump from Descript to Riverside, SquadCast, Restream, or Captivate in a single click
New in Descript: Transcription in 23 languages!
New in Descript: Transcription in 23 languages

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