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A new version of Descript is ready! Get the latest on our big announcements, new features, quality-of-life tweaks, and bug fixes.


The new Descript: How we multiplied the app's speed and performance
We just made a generational improvement to Descript's speed and performance. Here's how we did it.
Descript Season 6: Meet Underlord
Descript's new AI editing assistant. With powerful AI tools at every step of your workflow, Underlord does all the tedious and boring work, and leaves all the creative work to you.
Better exports, new AI Actions, and everything else we released in March
March—the only month that’s also a command. And trudge on we did, putting one foot in front of the other, clinging to some childish hope of spring,* but knowing you would probably unsubscribe before we reached the end. But you didn’t. You haven’t. You remain among the not-unsubscribed. So apparently you’re still...
New, better stock voices and Quick Recorder, plus everything else Descript released in February 2024
Learn about AI stock speakers, the improved Quick Recorder, and the all-new Descript Labs—all the new features and upgrades Descript released in February 2024.
Descript's big AI feature release: New AI voices, AI Actions, and a whole lot more
We're piling a whole bunch of new AI features onto our plates between now and the end of the year—all built right into Descript’s workflows, all designed to help you find your creative flow as easily in audio and video editing as you can when you’re writing.
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