Audio has found its voice.

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    Descript is powered by Google Speech — the most advanced transcription technology, ever. Transcribe your recording in less time than it takes to read this webpage. Subscribers pay just 7¢ a minute.

    For mission-critical tasks, upgrade to professional manual transcription with a 24-hour turnaround (and zero fuss). Just $1 per minute.

    Audio word processing

    Editing audio is as intuitive as your favorite text editor. Cut, paste, copy and delete — remix your text, and your audio follows.

    You’ll wonder how you ever managed the old way.

    Web publishing and commenting

    Collect feedback by letting collaborators listen to audio and leave comments on an interactive transcript.

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    Meet the Wordbar™

    Descript's Wordbar™ makes waveform editing a breeze. Drag a word to give it some breathing room — or nudge it closer to its neighbors. Automatic crossfades make this the editor you’ve always wished for.

    Export anywhere

    The journey of your voice audio begins with Descript, and probably ends somewhere else. A slew of text, audio, subtitle, and non-destructive export options make Descript ready for any workflow.

    Apple Logic Pro X
    Apple Logic Pro X
    AVID Pro Tools
    AVID Pro Tools
    Adobe Audition
    Adobe Audition
    .WAV file
    .M4A file
    .OMF file
    .AAF file

    More Features

    Multitrack Transcription

    Multitrack Transcription

    Transcribe multiple tracks from the same recording session — and combine them into one high-fidelity transcript

    Automatic Speaker Labeling

    Automatic Speaker Labeling

    Descript generates near-perfect speaker labels for multitrack recordings

    Advanced Correction Tools

    Advanced Correction Tools

    Work through recordings at your own pace. Patient Playback waits as you make corrections — then speeds up when you’re ready

    Smart Editing

    Smart Editing

    Use the Word Gap Editor to nudge words further apart — or closer together. Automatic crossfades ensure your edits always sound smooth



    Built-in recording makes it easy to capture quick fixes — or an entire interview

    Video Tools

    Video Tools

    Efficiently transcribe your video’s audio track, then export captions to SRT/VTT

    How are people using Descript?

    Edit down interview tape

    Use Descript to quickly survey your raw interview transcript, then home in on the moments that matter.

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    Transcribe audio

    Get a transcript in under five minutes, then make it fit for print with Descript's correction and formatting tools.

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    Manage source material

    See how Descript simplifies projects that require working across multiple audio interviews.

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    Get feedback from collaborators

    Use Descript to collect comments on audio, Google Docs style.

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    Descript Free

    For occasional transcribers that don't need to edit audio.

    15¢ / min
    no monthly fee
    • Audio editing runs in demo mode
    • 30 minutes of free transcription
    • Web collaboration
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    Descript Standard

    For frequent transcribers or people that edit audio.

    7¢ / min
    $20$10 per month
    • Full audio editing features
    • 30 min free transcription
    • Web collaboration
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