How to record with multiple USB microphones
A laptop’s sound card can’t register more than one USB mic at a time, so it will just end up picking up sound from one device, not both. Here are some ways around the problem.
Using ambience and sound effects for podcast soundscapes
There are a range of ways to think about and implement sound effects for podcasts. Here's where to find that music and how to use it in a way that benefits your show.
Podcasting resources from experts we love
We’ve collected how-tos and resource guides from creators, industry experts, and podcast companies all across the web to help you create the best podcast possible.
12 places to find podcast intro and outro music
Here's why you need to be careful where you find podcast music — and 12 places to find usable audio.
How to mix podcast audio that's studio quality
All raw audio can be improved substantially with some simple steps, which can give your podcast a much more professional sound.

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