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Edit in Descript

You can do a lot in Descript, but you may use another app for recording, live-streaming and hosting your content. These integrations enable 1-click imports from various platforms into Descript. No more waiting for your content to download, and then reupload to Descript - just click and go.


Publish your finished podcasts and videos to various hosting platforms in one click. Take your edited transcript along with your audio and video to make your content accessible.

Timeline Export

Once you have finished your rough cut in Descript, export your project to a timeline-based tool to make your final edits. Your original files are preserved, as well as timecode values that were present in your source files.
With our Zapier integration, you can automate workflows between Descript and other popular applications. The possibilities are wide, but the most popular Zapier connections are:
Play Descript videos in-line in Slack messages and level up your team’s collaboration by using the Descript bot. With this integration, you can receive notifications for comments on projects, comments on published pages, and the first time a page is viewed.

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