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No teleprompter? No problem.

Now you can keep looking at the camera no matter where you’re looking — at your script, screen, or slides. Eye Contact uses AI to subtly adjust your gaze in video so it appears you're looking directly into the camera — even when you’re reading something off-camera.
No more retakes or memorization
With Eye Contact in Descript, you can read off a script or teleprompter without worrying about memorizing it or endless mistake-and-retake loops. You’ll spend less time recording, and zero time editing retakes.
No teleprompter necessary
There’s a reason news anchors, late-night hosts, and YouTube stars use a teleprompter — looking directly into the camera creates a more authentic, intimate connection with their audiences. Eye Contact lets you connect without buying a teleprompter, or learning to use it (which is a whole other skill, and not easy).
Choose your eyeball angle
Descript adds Eye Contact to your video non-destructively — so you still have the original and can toggle the effect on or off. Plus, you can apply it to parts of your video without altering the entire footage.