Remove Retakes
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Remove Retakes
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Instantly remove repeated takes with AI


Record as many takes you need to get it exactly the way you want it—then remove all the bad takes in a single click using Descript’s Remove Retakes

Even when you’re recording from a script, it’s tough to get it right the first time. Or the 15th. Super annoying. And then you have to go in and edit out all the bad takes; even in Descript, where it’s 90% easier than in any other tool, it takes time. Not anymore: Descript’s AI removes retakes instantly, so you can record until you get the very best version of your content, then do away with the rest in a click. 

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Add video to your communication toolkit

Descript is an all-in-one video editor that is as fast and easy as editing a doc.
Video Editing
Make a video as easy as writing in a doc or making a slide deck.
Edit multitrack audio with the simplicity of a doc, and the power of a professional workstation.
Transcribe audio with Industry-leading accuracy & speed, and fly through corrections a few keystrokes.
AI Voices
Create a realistic voice clone or pick from our stock AI voices.
Remote Recording
Record crystal-clear podcasts and video with others, from anywhere.
Screen Recording
Instantly capture, edit, and share screen/webcam recordings.

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