How to use Apple Continuity Camera for professional looking video
Continuity Camera lets your phone connect with your Mac via WiFi. From there, the phone pairs seamlessly with a variety of apps — including Descript, of course — to function as a high-def webcam.
How to create a training video that sticks
If you’re wondering how to create training videos that boost retention, here are some things to think about as you get started.
The best webcams for work, streaming, and video projects
Whether you're Zooming into meetings, streaming a live concert, or creating a YouTube channel, we’ve picked out the best webcam models for you.
How to record with multiple USB microphones
A laptop’s sound card can’t register more than one USB mic at a time, so it will just end up picking up sound from one device, not both. Here are some ways around the problem.
Passive income for creators: A how-to guide
Passive income is exactly what it sounds like: something you can set and forget, like the interest on your savings account, except way, way more lucrative. 
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