Briana Brownell

Briana Brownell is a Canadian data scientist and multidisciplinary creator who writes about the intersection of technology and creativity.


How ChatGPT works: Secret ChatGPT instructions revealed
How does ChatGPT generate images? When does it search the internet? We dug into the backend to figure how how ChatGPT works.
Using ChatGPT data analysis to interpret charts & diagrams
By uploading a chart, diagram, or spreadsheet, the new ChatGPT data analysis function can read and analyze your data. Learn how in this guide.
ChatGPT, what’s this? Using the new ChatGPT image input features
Discover the new ChatGPT image input feature, which lets you analyze images, identify objects, read text, and get feedback.
ChatGPT can see, hear, and speak now — here's how to make the best of it
ChatGPT can see, hear, and speak now. Here's how to use the new features to talk to the chatbot, analyze images, and generate graphics.
AI power user? How to create your own AI prompt library
If you find yourself asking generative AI tools to do the same things over and over, it might be time to save your prompts. Here's how to make an AI prompt library that's truly useful.

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