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Edit audio and video together — true collaboration, live commenting, and easy sharing in Descript.

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Multi-user editing

Descript is the first audio-video editor that lets colleagues and collaborators edit and comment simultaneously.

Live collaboration & commenting

Collaboration only works when your team can share ideas, swap feedback, and react to one another in real time. Descript makes it all possible.

A screen recorder for your entire team

Every Descript user can give feedback, share thoughts, and communicate with video. It’s as easy as sending an email — and just as easy to edit.


How teams are using Descript

  • Podcasts and YouTube channels
  • Product walkthrough videos and demonstrations
  • Internal communications
  • Corporate training, learning, and instructional design
  • Online courses and education  
  • User research interviews  
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Social media videos and audiograms
  • Transcribing and sharing team meetings & notes
  • Editing and repurposing online events, live streams and meetings
  • Sales pitches and investor presentations
  • Product documentation 

A production tool your team will actually want to use

Shared folders

Organize your work and automatically share Projects with your team.

Cloud-based version control

Descript automatically saves changes and files to the cloud as you work. Easily revert to an earlier version. Since edits are non-destructive, source files remain intact.

Custom branding

Put your company name and logo on published pages so videos made in Descript stay on-brand.

An essential part of your team’s tech stack

Descript works seamlessly in Slack and lots of the other apps your team uses. And our Zapier integration lets you create automated workflows with hundreds of other web apps, so you can do things like automatically creating transcripts when you upload to Dropbox, or automatically saving transcripts in Google Drive.


What teams say

Trusted and Safe

Descript’s SOC 2 certification — combined with an encrypted database and a best-in-class identity authentication platform, all managed by our Data Protection Officer — makes it an easy sell with the IT team. That’s partly what’s made it an indispensable tool for communicators and creatives at organizations across a broad spectrum of industries and sizes.

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