Descript for User Research

Descript transcribes audio and video and allows you to edit and collaborate the way you would with docs. For user research, it gives you a way of organizing and interacting with recordings that’s not really possible using any other tool.

Imagine you’ve interviewed 20 different people about a new flavor of soda or a feature for your app. You just drop all those files into a Descript Project, and they show up in different “Compositions” (documents) in the sidebar. In a couple of minutes they’ll be transcribed, with speaker labels added automatically.

Now you can add highlights, add markers, leave notes and comments, invite collaborators, and more. It’s like a Google Doc, but the transcript is synced to the video.

Make a highlight reel

When you share user research with your team, it’s always a challenge to fully communicate the experience you got from talking directly to the user. There’s no better way than sharing the actual video, but few researchers have the tools, training, or time to edit video into something that people will actually watch.

With Descript, compiling highlights is just copy and paste, like you would in a doc. We even have a feature that’ll let you copy and paste all your highlights at once.

Publish highlights

Once you pulled together your highlights, you use our publish feature to get a link you can use to share and collect comments.


Descript also makes it easy to run keyword searches across all your recordings at once. So, for example, you could clip all of the sentences in which the word “bitter” appears into a single composition with a couple of clicks. Nothing like this exists in any other tool.

"...If I can't use Descript anymore, I'm in trouble..."

Drew DiPasquale, Hubspot

Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor that works like a doc. It includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, and some mind-bendingly useful AI tools.