Quickly make shareable social media video clips

Descript is a video editing app that’s also a social-media video maker. Edit your podcast or video just like a doc, then effortlessly make video clips for social without leaving the app.

AImport or record audio or video – we’ll transcribe it in seconds. Use the transcript to quickly find your favorite bits.
Add captions, waveforms, progress bars, or anything else to make it pop.
Export in seconds to our embeddable player or to a destination of your choice.

1. Transcribe & clip

Add audio or video content — just drag and drop — and we’ll transcribe it in seconds. Use the transcript to effortlessly clip highlights to start your video creation.

2. Customize

Add images, captions, waveforms, animations, or progress bars into the video creator to give your social media posts some professional-video pop.

3. Share

Export in seconds to embed on your website or a social media channel of your choice.

Why Descript?

There are a lot of tools you could use to make online videos. Why would you use Descript?

A high-quality video editing tool for all creators

You don't need to be a pro video editor — if you can use a word processor, you can use Descript. Whether you’re an established video creator or a beginner, whether you use a Mac or PC, Descript will make your life easier. And we’ve got plenty of tutorials to improve your workflow and learn Descript.

The best video and audio tool

Descript isn’t just for making short videos — it’s a fully powered audio-video editing software tool. So you can make your whole podcast, screencast, vlog, or anything else in Descript, and then make social-video clips without exporting to — or paying for — a separate tool.

Creators love Descript

Here's what they say.
Makes me *want* to edit, can't believe I worked without Descript, far and away the best/coolest software I've ever used,  I love you so much,  can't imagine trying to edit any other way, impossibly futuristic,  best productization of machine learning I've ever seen,  one of the most earth-shatteringly spectacular pieces of software I've downloaded in years, makes me feel like I'm living in the future, mindbending... I don't know that I'll ever be able to edit audio in any other way again,  completely changes your expectations of a whole software category, the most thoughtfully designed app I've seen in several years, I’ve just experienced a new level of sorcery

Perfect for social media marketing

Make eye-catching social media content for video marketing. Facebook videos, Instagram video, Instagram stories, or wherever your audience lives, you'll quickly learn to serve them great videos, without all the drudgery.

Get started with our free version

Descript’s free video trial includes all the features and three hours of transcription. After that, plans start at $12 per month.