If you can edit text,
you can

make videos.

Descript is the AI-powered, fully featured, end-to-end video editor that you already know how to use.

More than 6 million creators & teams use Descript, including:
A video editor that works like docs and slides
No need to learn a new tool — Descript works like the tools you’ve already learned.
One tool to create anything you want
You don’t need multiple subscriptions to different tools to create for all your platforms. You just need Descript.
Built for all creators, from aspiring to professional
For teams and businesses
Get everyone on your team started making video for every one of your channels — marketing, educational, internal — and scale up fast.
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1 transcription hour / month
Export 720p, with watermarks
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10 transcription hours / month
Export 4k, watermark-free
20 uses / month of Basic AI suite
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Limited 1,000 word AI Speech vocabulary
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per person/month, billed annually
Unlock advanced AI-powered creativity
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30 transcription hours / month
Export 4k, watermark-free
Unlimited use of Basic and Advanced AI suite including Eye Contact, Translate Captions, and 20+ more AI features
Unlimited use of AI Speech