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Get copy for your social media promotion—in a variety of writing styles, with hashtags and all—in a few clicks.

You've done all the writing, recording, and editing. You’ve given every ounce of your creativity to your content. It's done. Except now you have to be clever one last time, to write posts for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and so on. Descript’s AI Social Post Writer sends you straight to the finish line, instantly generating as many social posts as you need.

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Everything you need, and more

Video Editing
Editing video in Descript is as easy as using docs and slides.
Multitrack audio editing, as easy as a doc.
Industry-leading accuracy & speed, with powerful correction tools.
AI Voices
Easily create a realistic voice clone or pick from our stock AI voices.
Remote Recording
Record crystal-clear podcasts and video with others, from anywhere.
Screen Recording
Instantly capture, edit, and share screen/webcam recordings.

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