Andrew Mason

CEO & founder at Descript. Former CEO & founder at Detour, former CEO & co-founder at Groupon.


More from Andrew Mason

Descript Season 5: SquadCast joins Descript. Easy, reliable remote recording + editing in one place
With the acquisition of SquadCast, Descript now offers reliable, easy remote recording for audio and video
Descript Season 4: Stability, quality, and new AI features
Since our last update, we've been heads-down focused on quality improvements, bug squashing, and making Descript more stable. Learn about all the stuff we’ve released the past few months and preview some exciting features we’ve got coming. 
It's here: the all-new Descript, backed by OpenAI Startup Fund
We're releasing an all-new version of Descript and we're announcing that the OpenAI Startup Fund will be leading our $50 million series C fundraising round.
Descript Storyboard: What's new for podcasters
Descript Storyboard release is focused on video, but it also contains some exciting new features for podcasters and audio creators
Introducing Descript Video and Screen Recording
Like it or not, video has become an essential part of how we communicate. And while it’s gotten easier to capture and share video, editing remains difficult, slow, and non collaborative.

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