Brandon Copple

Head of Content at Descript. Former Editor at Groupon, Chicago Sun-Times, and a bunch of other places. Dad. Book reader. Friend to many Matts.


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How to know when you’re done
At some point, you have to label your file FINAL for real, and send it out into the world. To help you take the leap, we consulted a ton of experts for their advice.
How to turn your video idea into a channel that connects
How do you create a video channel that’s actually good — that you can consistently produce without working yourself to death? There are no simple answers, but we've done our best to come up with some guidance.
How to plan a video production
It’s important to make managing your video production as simple and efficient as possible so it doesn’t break down and kill your burgeoning video channel.
Fine edits: Techniques & shortcuts to make your podcast sound pro
There are a zillion ways to do fine cuts — techniques, tools, keyboard shortcuts (or “hot keys”) — and no right or wrong way. So we asked a few pros for their pro-est tips..
A guide to video rough cuts (and how to make them less rough)
A rough cut is where you focus on shaping your story and honing your message. It’s essentially where you organize the beginning, middle, and end of your story, so you can see the shape your story is taking.

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