Brandon Copple

Head of Content at Descript. Former Editor at Groupon, Chicago Sun-Times, and a bunch of other places. Dad. Book reader. Friend to many Matts.


More from Brandon Copple

How Cloudinary uses Descript to make customer education video that looks and sounds great
Cloudinary needs to make their customers understand how to use their software, and video is their primary tool. Here's how they use Descript to make video that looks and sounds great—without all the hassle.
Descript now supports remote recording in 4K
Your podcast and video recordings are about to get stunningly, beautifully clear: SquadCast by Descript now supports 4K video recording. Paid Descript subscribers can now record in crystal-clear 4K quality.
12 best practices for remote recording podcasts
You can capture high-quality audio from anywhere in the world that sounds like all of the speakers were sitting in the same recording studio. Here are some best practices to keep in mind.
AI image maker, easy invites & more June updates from Descript
Descript updates for June include an AI text-to-image feature, new ways to invite drive members, and a much-improved properties panel
Can you copyright the content you make with generative AI?
The U.S. Copyright Office says you can’t claim output of tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E. Here’s why, and what the ruling means for creators.

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