Vanessa Hojda

Vanessa is a freelance writer and content manager. When they're not making content, you can find them by the sea, nose pressed against a good book.


Video resolution 101: What it is and how it impacts video quality
Our comprehensive guide to video resolution. Learn how it impacts your video quality, the types you need to know, and why it matters when it’s time to create stunning videos.
Instagram stats 2023: Insights to enhance your marketing strategy in 2023
For content creators and marketers, understanding Instagram statistics is crucial for creating effective data-based strategies. By looking at statistics and trends, you can identify your audience’s preferences, narrow down the content formats that work best, and identify the ideal posting times that will generate the highest engagement.
Remote video recording 101: Essential tips for podcasters
To get the best quality audio and video from your remote recording, you’ll want to check out the techniques, low-cost tools, and software suggested in this article.
How to enhance video quality using these expert tips
We’ll show you what you can do to improve your videos using expert tips and the best video enhancer tools available on the market today.

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