Zan Romanoff

Zan Romanoff is a full-time freelance journalist, as well as the author of three young adult novels. She lives and writes in LA.


How They Made It: James Kim of Moonface on the importance of artistry
James Kim makes exciting, genre-bending shows that have been praised by critics. We talked to him about dealing with imposter syndrome and what he learned from teaching himself to write fiction.
How They Made It: Drifting Off With Joe Pera on why staying indie is best for the audience
We spoke with the team behind Drifting Off... about their love for Descript, the intimacy of podcasts, and getting energy from the work.
How They Made It: Mark Pagán of Other Men Need Help on making a beloved podcast with a day job
We talked to Mark about learning how to watch an audience, balancing a day job with a passion project, and making the thing you want to make, even if it doesn’t make any money. 
How They Made It: John August and Drew Marquardt on lessons learned after 10+ years of Scriptnotes
Scriptnotes is a titan in independent podcasting and a shibboleth among aspiring writers. Host John August and producer Drew Marquardt sat down with us to talk about their process.
How They Made It: How to Do the Pot's Ellen Scanlon on following her curiosity to a critically-acclaimed podcast
Ellen Scanlon's journey into the wild world of cannabis consumption became the basis for a podcast called How To Do The Pot. We talked to Ellen about investing in your projects early, and using LinkedIn to network her way to success.

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