Zan Romanoff

Zan Romanoff is a full-time freelance journalist, as well as the author of three young adult novels. She lives and writes in LA.


Here's how to turn a mountain of interview tape into a coherent podcast episode
It can feel overwhelming to take everything you’ve recorded and try to pull it into a single, coherent podcast episode. We asked an expert how to sort through it all.
How to keep your creator brand and your personal life in harmony
While it’s important for every show to have a clear, consistent brand, it’s tougher to be clear and consistent as a normal, imperfect, real-life person. We asked two podcasters to share their best tips for navigating the relationship between a public brand and a private life.
Burned out? Here's how to take a hiatus
Everyone who’s ever committed to a creative project has had the thought at some point: Am I sure this is worth it? We asked two successful podcasters how to step away gracefully.
5 tips for managing your media consumption
It pays to be deliberate about media consumption — and to tailor your media diet. We talked to a couple of accomplished podcasters about how they manage it; their insights are just as relevant for video creators and anybody who’s serious about creating good content.
How to edit out crosstalk in your podcast (and when to leave it alone)
Crosstalk is usually evidence of excitement and enthusiasm, but it can pose some problems when you need to edit podcast audio that’s full of this overlapping chatter.

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