A Descript Pro subscription gives you full access to all Descript’s features, stock media library, and AI editing firepower.
Total annual cost
1 hr transcription / month
One watermark-free video export / month
720p video export resolution
Filler word removal for "um"s and "uh"s
$12 per user / month
10 hrs transcription / month
Unlimited watermark-free video exports / month
4k video export resolution
Filler word removal for "um"s and "uh"s
$24 per user / month
30 hrs transcription / month
Unlimited watermark-free video exports / month
4k video export resolution
Filler word removal for 18 filler words and repeated words
Everything in Pro plus…
Dedicated account representative, Single sign on (SSO), Overdub Enterprise, Descript Service Agreement, Security Review, Invoicing, Onboarding & training

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Riverside lets you record. Descript lets you record, edit, and publish all-in-one.

Record in studio-quality with Descript’s remote recording studio, and then transcribe, edit, and publish in minutes with our AI-infused editor that's as powerful as it is easy to use.

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Record in studio-quality, from anywhere

Descript has all the remote recording capabilities you need to look and sound your best.

4K Quality
Descript records locally, so you get studio-quality audio and video every time.
Uncompressed Audio
Record locally uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio for you and every guest.
Progressive Uploads
We continuously upload everyone’s audio & video to the cloud as soon as you hit record.
Separate Tracks
Get separate audio and video tracks for you and your guests for more editing control.
Easy for Guests
Guests can join your session with a single click. No downloads or hardware required.
Works on Mobile
Join recording sessions right from your phone’s web browser.

Why are people switching from Riverside to Descript?

Ditch all the extra software and cost

Riverside's editing tools are so basic that most of the time you'll also need an expensive tool like Pro Tools, Hindenburg, or Reaper. With Descript you only need Descript. It puts all your recording and editing tools in one place, all for one price.

Edit your recordings like you edit a doc

Delete words to trim them your recordings. Or write over existing words to fix misspeaks. You can also enhance audio and remove filler words with 1-click.

AI: your otherworldly creative partner

Here’s some stuff you can’t do with Riverside: Instantly fix mis-matched tone in a speaker’s voice. Remove your ums and ahs with 1-click. Change your background with green screen. And lots of other insanely useful stuff; all with Descript’s AI tools.

Record + edit podcasts. For one price.

Remote recording is built into Descript’s world-class editing suite for no additional cost. Turns out you don’t need three different subscriptions to make your content look and sound great.
Recording time
30 hours
15 hours
Maximum resolution
People recorded in a single session
Uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio
Progressive uploads for each guest
Separate video tracks for each guest
Separate audio tracks for each guest
Automatic transcriptions
Producer role
Mobile support
Multi-track timeline editor
Studio sound
Filler word removal
Eye contact correction
Overdub for generative audio
Green screen background
Stock media library
Comments & notifications
Total monthly cost (Pro plan)
$24 per user / month
$24 per user / month

Let’s tackle some common questions.

Can Descript actually replace Riverside and editors like Pro Tools or Hindenburg?

Descript was built for exactly that. It contains your entire podcast workflow, from recording to editing to publishing. Record remotely. Use the timeline or Descript’s easy transcript editor to polish your audio and video. Then share with collaborators to get real-time feedback and comments. Then export or publish directly to your platform of choice.

Can you really edit without touching the timeline?

You sure can. One of the things that makes Descript special is its ridiculously easy transcript editor. You can add, delete, and rearrange words or entire sections just like in a doc. Then, like magic, the edits are reflected in your audio or video. But hey — if you want to work in the timeline, you can use that too. We’re flexible.

Does Descript have a mobile app?

Descript lets you record your podcast, or video, through your phone’s web browser. And it doesn’t take up space on your phone. Plus, it’s easier for your guests—they don’t have to install anything just to be on your show.

What if I like my traditional timeline editor?

As simple as Descript may be, it’s just as powerful. You can save serious time with our smart script editor. But we know flexibility is important and sometimes you wanna get into the nitty gritty. So Descript has a fully-featured, multi-track timeline editor too. Best of both worlds. Learn more about our timeline editor.