Fix recorded speech as easy as typos with Overdub

Overdub uses AI voice cloning to replace awkward or incorrect audio. Just type what you actually meant to say. No more re-recording when you mis-pronounce a name, stumble through a voice over, or say something dumb.
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Tell your mouth to sit this one out. Let Overdub fill in.

Eliminate hours of re-recording and editing

Fixing audio mistakes used to mean either re-recording or long days of excruciating edits. Overdub lets you fix them in moments, even if you have to authorize a new voice. And the results will sound more seamless, more natural—like the bad thing never happened.

Match any audio, any conditions

Descript’s AI voice model matches your Overdub audio to the recorded audio around it. So even if you record in different spaces, or with different mics, or vary your vocal performance, you can Overdub audio that blends right in.

You, and only you, own your voice

We believe you should have full ownership of your AI voice—just like your real one. Before we create it, we'll quickly verify it’s you. From there you can share it with colleagues or collaborators, so they can edit your mistakes when you’re not around. Or don’t share it. It’s yours.

Save some money, too

Not only will Overdub save you the time and hassle of re-recording, but as part of Descript’s all-in-one tool suite, it also saves you from paying for multiple editing apps. Descript gives you a single tool for recording, editing, collaborating, and publishing.

Is it different from the old Overdub?

Is a Cessna different from a spaceship? Released in 2019, the old Overdub required 24 hours or more to authorize a new AI voice, and could be tricky to use. With the new Overdub you get voice authorization in minutes and more seamless blending with recording conditions. The quality is much higher. And using it is as simple as a click and a few keystrokes.

Overdub is available in all your audio projects.

Unscripted recordings
Fill in gaps, fix mistakes, clean up unintelligible speech.
Screen recordings
Just hit record and let ‘er rip. Overdub wherever you wish you’d said something else.
Mis-pronounce a name? No problem, you can Overdub it. Nobody has to know.
To fix verbal slip-ups, just cover it with some b-roll from Descript’s media library and use Overdub to correct the audio.

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