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Don’t re-record, Regenerate.

Correct mismatched tone, enhance lackluster dialogue, or remove annoying background noise. Regenerate makes impossible edits possible — with one click.

How? AI-powered generative audio technology instantly recreates any voice and completely matches its recording environment, making your edits sound seamless and natural.
Smooth over awkward edits
Ever try to edit out a section of audio only to find it creates a wild mismatch in the speaker’s tones? Regenerate fixes that by recreating their voice with AI, matching the tones so your edit sounds perfectly natural.
Liven up lackluster dialogue
No edit can fix a moment where your speaker seems to trail off mid-sentence. But Regenerate can. It injects a lively spark into lackluster performances, so you can turn something deathly boring into something truly engaging.
Eliminate annoying noise
Leaf blowers, barking dogs, and other surprise disturbances can spoil a recording. It used to take an advanced audio engineering degree to fix that stuff – with Regenerate it only takes a click.