Meet Underlord
Nobody wants an AI overlord. But everybody could use an AI Underlord — an editing assistant that does all the tedious stuff, but leaves you in control.
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Let your creativity flow —  and make AI do the rest
Sound good
Underlord's got a toolbox full of AI gadgets that make obvious edits and fix lousy audio. So you sound smarter and better than in real life.
Edit for Clarity
Underlord makes the obvious edits for you: removing filler words and other verbal clutter. So you get to a clean cut in moments, not hours.
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Remove Retakes
Record as many takes as you need to get it right — Underlord will cut all but the best ones in an instant. It makes editing faster, and recording less maddening.
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Studio Sound
Record from anywhere, on any mic. Let your guest call in on their phone. From the airport. Underlord will strip out all the background noise and regenerate voices so it sounds like you recorded in a studio.
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Remove Filler Words
Underlord doesn’t make you smarter, but it makes you sound that way — by instantly removing all your “ums,” “uhs,” “likes,” “you knows,” plus a bunch of others and repeated words.
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Look good
With Underlord at your side, you can stop worrying about annoying concepts like "composition," "chromakey," and "cleaning your room."
Center Active Speaker
When you want whoever’s talking centered in the frame — like when you’re making social-media clips — let Underlord do it for you. No cropping, no resizing. Just a click.
Eye Contact
Go ahead and read from your script. Underlord will adjust your gaze so the viewer sees you looking right into the camera, even if you weren’t.
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Green Screen
No need to clean up your messy home studio or install a green screen in your bedroom. Underlord intelligently removes your background, then you replace it with any image or video you want.
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Automatic multicam
Just drop in your multicam video files, and tell Underlord to cut to whoever’s talking. Another tedious editing task, done in a click.
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Repurpose and share
Underlord's AI knows what goes viral (to the extent that anybody knows). It's here to help you make promo content that pops.
Create Clips
You may not know what goes viral on social, but Underlord does. It’s been trained on that stuff, so it can quickly scan your content for the most scroll-stopping moments, then turn them into short clips.
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Find Highlights
Make a supercut, super-fast — let Underlord find the moments most relevant to your core topic and quickly pull them into a tighter version of your long-form video.
Take your content worldwide without getting up from your chair. Underlord can translate your video and captions to/from 23 different languages, with more on the way.
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Draft a Title
Writing a title for a video or podcast episode can be hard.  Which is sort of surprising. And maddening. Keep madness at bay by letting Underlord write a title based on your content.
You poured everything you had into making the thing. Now you have to write a short description of what you made? Well, no, you don’t. Underlord will do it for you, in seconds.
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YouTube Description
Believe it or not people on YouTube can, and do, read. So writing the description for your video is super important — and super annoying. Good thing Underlord can write it for you.
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Draft a Social Post
Do you enjoy writing social media posts that will cause someone to stop mindlessly scrolling and watch or listen to your content? Neither does anybody. Underlord doesn’t mind, though — and it can do it fast.
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and write
Think of Underlord as a collaborator that never gets tired, or annoyed, or defensive. And it's always ready to help you get started, get unstuck, or get yourself together.
Write a Script
Share your topic with Underlord, give it a sense of who and what you’re after — and get a draft of a script for your video or podcast. Make your revisions, or just hit record and go.
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Ask Underlord questions, or let it ask you, to flesh our and hone your ideas. You don’t have to do this alone anymore.
Write an Outline
Yet another way to skip past the blank page: feed Underlord a topic and it will spit out a fully formed outline. You’re off to the races.
Don’t love your first attempt at a script? Let Underlord take a stab at a rewrite. Then iterate and get it right together.
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