Edit video by editing text.

Descript is the fastest and easiest way to transcribe and edit video.
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A video word processor. Pull highlights, edit down interviews, and splice together clips — all as easy as copy and paste.

Collaboration is a breeze with Descript. Share your project with a web link, and grant collaborators access to comment or edit.

export to Final Cut Pro or Premiere.

Nondestructive Project export. Use Descript for a quick rough edit, then export to Final Cut Pro or Premiere.

Cloud sync provides instant access from anywhere to you and your collaborators — and full version history.

Safe and secure. Your data is confidential — even from us. Descript uses world-class technologies and services to keep your information secure and private.

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"Edit the text like you would with any text editor, and Descript automatically edits the audio to match. I have to say, it feels a lot like magic."
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"Descript saved me SO much time. Blown away by the attention to detail this product has. One outcome of knowing a user workflow so well before designing for it is that the product feels it's reading your mind."
Ali Tariq