New: Automatically start transcribing when you import audio

In the new version of Descript, audio and video files will begin transcribing immediately and automatically when you drag or import them into new compositions. You’ll also be prompted to add speaker labels or initiate speaker detection while Descript is creating your transcript.

The changes should smooth out the transcription process. Automatic transcription will save you a step when you’re importing media; rather than confirming that you want to transcribe, we just start transcribing, since our users almost never choose not to transcribe. We also save you a click by prompting you to add speaker labels or start detection in a large dialogue box.

Other fixes & improvements

  • You can now order White Glove transcription or initiate Speaker Detection from the file details section of the Track Inspector,(in the rail to the right of your transcript).
  • You can select Speaker Detection from the speaker dropdown menu in the script.  
  • You can click and drag to make Learning Center videos bigger.

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