Erin Ollila

Erin Ollila is an SEO copywriter, lover of pretzel bread, and host of the Talk Copy to Me podcast. Learn more and connect:


6 commandments for co-hosting a podcast
Hear from five long-time podcasters about their secrets for shared success, how to manage the co-hosting relationship, and how to protect your show’s assets just in case anything goes wrong.
Deepfakes: Why podcasters are at risk and how to protect yourself
In this article, you’ll learn the risk podcasters face by creating a consistent audio collection of their voice, how they can attempt to protect themselves, emerging ways to monitor for deepfakes, and what to do if you ever find a deepfake of your voice on the internet.
How to use podcast parties to promote your show
If you throw a party with the right partner podcast, you can bring two audiences together — and maybe even help some listeners find their new favorite show. In this article, you’ll learn what podcast parties are, how to host a successful podcast collaboration, and what to avoid if you’re looking to host a podcast party of your own.
Navigating AI and intellectual property for podcasters
In this article, you’ll learn what intellectual property is, how it relates to podcasting, and how to protect both your intellectual property and that of other people as a podcaster.
4 ways to use podcast quotes to promote your show
Quotes are the unsung heroes of podcasts and YouTube shows. In this article, you’ll learn why they're so beneficial and how you can use them in your various visibility efforts.

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