New: Learning Center — useful videos that show you how to use Descript

In the new version of Descript we’ve added the Learning Center — a new sidebar stuffed with videos that will teach you how to use Descript, show you a ton of tips and tricks, and help you hone your craft, whatever media you’re working in.

For example, you’ll find videos on:

  • How to make a podcast: a short tutorial for every stage of the process, from recording to publishing. We cover the basics but also some techniques for making a professional-quality podcast — editing in multitrack, adding music, mixing, fades, and so on.
  • Easy screen recordings: a six-part, six-minute crash course on how to capture, edit and share screen recordings that make you look and sound smart. Plus tips on keeping your screen recordings organized in Descript.
  • Video two ways: we break down, step-by-step, two common approaches to video — vlog-style, shot on a webcam or phone; and a scripted voiceover over b-roll, like you’d create for a product demo.

You can find those and everything else in the Learning Center by clicking on the help icon in the bottom right corner of the app. Take a look — lots of useful stuff there.

Other fixes & improvements

  • You can now add markers simply by pressing M (or Command + Shift + M). And stay tuned for an upcoming feature allowing you to drop markers while recording.
  • You can now increase and decrease the size of text from the View menu.
  • We’ve completed our reorganization of the editor toolbar.
  • The new forward/back buttons are in the toolbar instead of the sidebar, so they won’t get hidden when the sidebar is collapsed.
  • Project options and the link to return to your Drive view are now under the “D” logo in the upper left.
  • The editor toolbar now also shows the name of the active asset (composition, sequence, or file).
  • The tools drop down is back in the script toolbar, and we’ve restored the composition title to the top of the script view.
  • The Drive view now shows the duration of the project instead of its size. You can still see file size by hovering over the download button.
  • We fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Overdub corrections from accounting for speech patterns in the surrounding audio

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