Introducing Descript Pro, Overdub, and more

Today, we’re rolling out a new set of Descript subscription plans with new pricing tiers. And we’re thrilled to announce the long-awaited public launch of Overdub, a state-of-the-art voice synthesis feature that replicates your own voice, included in the new Descript Pro plan. Of course, Overdub isn’t the only thing that makes Pro our most powerful offering yet — check out the full feature set in this video.

Descript Pro Plan

Here’s what’s included in Descript Pro.


Forget everything you thought you knew about editing audio. With Overdub, you can make quick corrections to your audio or create entire messages in your own voice — without ever stepping in front of the mic. To learn more about how Overdub changes the very nature of audio editing, read this post on our blog.

Filler Words Pro

We’ve expanded our unique filler word detection functionality to consider context when detecting, ignoring, and delete filler words like “you know,” “like,” and “kind of” as well as repeated words, making it easier than ever for you to tighten and polish your recordings.

Custom Audiograms

Customize the design of your audiograms by changing the color and adding a background image or custom badge. We’ve also expanded the available length — up to 30 minutes long.

Flexible Publishing

Publishing allows you to quickly and easily share your content on the web for public listening, viewing, or commenting, and you can now publish audio and video files up to three hours long.

Batch Export

Batch Export allows you to export every composition within a Project, or export selections of audio broken out by Markers or line breaks. Of course, you can also export your entire composition or a selection from a composition.

Greater Transcription Volume

Descript Pro includes 30 hours of transcription per user per month, with additional transcription hours available if needed.

And introducing…

Descript Creator Plan

We’ve rolled up our plans formerly known as Producer and Team into the new Descript Creator plan. Descript Creator includes 10 hours of transcription hours per user per month and is designed for both individuals and teams — users can add or remove Creator seats to their subscription whenever they need.

A more detailed breakdown of our new plan types, including our Enterprise plan for businesses and organizations using Descript, can be found on our pricing page. Answers to common questions can be found there, and as always, check out our Help Center for more information.

Also available in Descript 3.9

Updates to Invoice Details page, revoke application access. Details here.

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