Tiffani Bauer

Former Video Producer at Descript. Accomplished editor and videographer. Fan of hibachi and women's basketball and knit hats.


How to choose the best video recording software for your project
Video recording software can mean the difference between a pixelated video that takes days to edit and a high-resolution masterpiece that’s ready in no time. Figure out the right software for your project with our recommendation.s
Video equipment: What you need to get started
If you want your videos to look and sound professional, you need to get your hands on a few essential pieces of production gear, which you can borrow, rent, or buy.
How to change a vertical video to horizontal with Descript
If you think YouTube, a TV screen, or a computer screen is where you want viewers to watch your videos, then horizontal video is definitely the way to go.
How to Fix the Quality of Your Blurry Videos
Discovering the quality of the video is blurry or not what you expected, could be frustrating for a filmmaker. You can spare a major headache by following these tips.
What Is an Explainer Video? Create Compelling Explainer Videos
Explainer videos are short, digital marketing videos that concisely and compellingly explain your company’s product or service, they take a considerable amount of effort.

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