Add Subtitles To Your Video

Believe it or not, most videos on social media are viewed with the sound off. So the best way to ensure your message gets across is to add subtitles. It’s also crucial to make your video accessible for all audiences. And with Descript, it’s easy — and free.

How to add subtitles to a video

With automatic transcription and one-click subtitle generation, you’ll have no trouble adding subtitles to your video in Descript.

Step 1

Import your video file into Descript and wait a few seconds while we automatically transcribe your audio into text.

Step 2

Edit your video by editing the transcript — Descript will edit the audio and video that correspond to the text you changed. Add subtitles: press Command+K (Mac) / Control+K (Windows) and type Fancy Captions. Descript will automatically create your subtitles.

Step 3

Export your video with subtitles or export separately the subtitles to your preferred file format (vtt or srt file).

Closed captions for your content

Adding captions enables those who are deaf and hard of hearing to consume your content. It also makes your content more engaging. With Descript you can choose the color of your text, add animation, and position it wherever you want on screen — and you don’t need to be a trained editor to do any of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit my subtitles?

Sure can. As you review your transcript, you may find instances where the text doesn’t quite match up with what you intended. Just highlight the word or phrase, hit the E key, and make corrections and adjustments to the transcript — and your subtitles — at the same time.

Do I have to export the subtitle file and my video separately?

Descript makes it easy to export your subtitles in multiple ways. If you export your video, your transcription will be automatically attached to your video clip. During playback of your video content, subtitles can be selected in preferences, and your transcript — paced using time codes from your video — should play seamlessly.

Just need the subtitle files? If you need them in a specific subtitle format, Descript allows for export in both srt and vtt formats. These caption files can be exported separately from the video itself.

Can I create open captions for my video?

Open captions, or subtitles that are permanently visible on a video, are easy to create with Descript. Using the Fancy Captions feature, you can add your subtitles from your video transcription over your clip and style and resize them however you like. These types of captions are perfect not just for those that are hard of hearing but also for the millions of social media subscribers that often watch videos without sound on their mobile devices.

What video file types does Descript work with?

While Descript only exports video in MP4, the video editor can work with just about any video file format: AVI, MOV, MKV, and even video from your Android or iOS device like an iPhone or iPad.

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