Remove Audio From Video

With Descript’s video editing tool, you can mute or remove audio from a video, giving you the ability to edit out music, background noise, or your hysterical roommate. It’s one of the ways Descript makes video editing simple, without compromising the quality of your content.

How to Remove Audio from Video

Hate the audio on your video clip or simply want to mute the sound during certain portions? Descript’s video editor makes it easy to fix, remove, or silence audio. Change your mind after removing it? No problem, Descript is non-destructive, so you can always go back and restore the original audio if needed. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Create a new project and import your video file from your Mac or Windows computer with a simple drag and drop.

Step 2

Open the Track Inspector by clicking the railroad-looking icon on the right, or by using Option+Cmd+K.

Click Script to open the Script Track. Click the M button at the bottom of the Track Inspector to mute the audio track completely or use the volume control to adjust the level of sound.

Then you can make any other edits you want — trimming the parts you don’t want by editing the transcript, or adding transitions, titles, animated captions, images, or other effects.

Keep going until your video is exactly the way you want it to be.

Step 3

Export your project by clicking Publish and enjoy your video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to remove the audio from a video?

Removing the audio from a clip allows you to add background music, voiceover, or your own sound effects without interference from the original audio. That can be useful for social media, such as making videos for TikTok, which you should only do if you went to Dancing School.

What video players are Descript video exports compatible with?

Descript allows users to export video files in MP4 format. The good news is this format will play pretty much anywhere online or on mobile. And you can easily convert them to AVI, MOV, and more online.

Do Descript files work on other video editing software?

Even though Descript’s video editing is similar to Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, and even Adobe Premiere Pro, and suitable for beginners and experts alike, some creators may want to use particular features of those other editing tools, such as color correction. You can use Descript to make a rough cut or other changes to your original video and export it in a new video file ready to import to another editing tool on Windows or MacOS.

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