New in Descript: Parametric EQ, video progress bars, and more

New in Descript: Parametric EQ, video progress bars, and more

Today’s Descript release: Parametric EQ, video progress bars, and other stuff.

Parametric EQ effect

In addition to our 10-band graphic EQ, Descript now has a 5-band parametric EQ effect. Parametric EQs are great when you need more precise control over sculpting your sound. Learn more.

Progress bar clips

A common request from those of you making videos for sharing on social media, you can now add burnt-in progress bars to your videos. Learn more.

Other improvements and fixes

  • On the Mac, we've moved the screen recorder's timer and stop button from the menubar to a dock on the side of your screen, where it should be easier to use. It also gives us space to add upcoming features, like a pause button. If you don't like the dock showing up in your recordings, set it to auto-hide in the screen recorder preferences.
  • We've addressed quirkiness in the UI for moving a Project to a different folder.
  • When you submit an Overdub Voice for training from a training project, you'll be prompted with a recorder to capture your Voice ID.
  • We’ve made a small update to the Overdub model to get rid of a “metallic” sound that some users experienced. If this is you, head into your training project and re-submit for training to improve your Voice.

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