Ashley Hamer

Managing Editor at Descript. Musician, podcaster, writer, science nerd.


From setup to stardom: How to stream on Twitch successfully
Learn how to create a Twitch account and set up streaming software step-by-step to equip yourself for a successful streaming journey.
The best AI tools for podcast show notes, reviewed
There are a lot of AI tools for podcast show notes, and it’s hard to know how they’re different without taking the time to test each one. So that’s what I did.
The best AI tools for podcasters: From scriptwriting to audio editing to marketing your show
You’re not going to love every part of podcasting all the time, and that’s okay. For everything else, there’s AI. We’ve rounded up the AI tools we find most useful.
From tech frustration to podcasting success: a #MadewithDescript Q&A
A new podcaster overcame her frustrations with complicated editing tools when she discovered Descript — and produced a better podcast as a result.
How writers can use AI writing tools to be more creative (even if they’re scared)
We spoke to three writers who use AI writing tools in their work to get their insights on how to use AI to its fullest potential while protecting the human element.

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