Ashley Hamer

Managing Editor at Descript. Musician, podcaster, writer, science nerd.


How to record with multiple USB microphones
A laptop’s sound card can’t register more than one USB mic at a time, so it will just end up picking up sound from one device, not both. Here are some ways around the problem.
Podcasting resources from experts we love
We’ve collected how-tos and resource guides from creators, industry experts, and podcast companies all across the web to help you create the best podcast possible.
Elevate your audio with EQ & compression
If you know how equalizers and compressors work, the next step is to start actually using them on your audio. We rounded up some pros to tell you how.
Using EQ and compression for better video sound
Sound is a crucial component of video, and the two most important tools for editing video sound are compression and EQ.
How to set the perfect audio levels for video
Leveling tells you what the machines are hearing — and lets you know that you’ll have enough information to work with when you get to post-production. Here’s everything you need to know about leveling for video.

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