Chris Zaldúa

Former marketing writer at Descript. Covers interesting customer stories, product releases, and new ways to utilize Descript to create podcast and video content.


More from Chris Zaldúa

Descript Raises $30MM Series B
We’re pleased to announce that Descript has raised a $30MM Series B, led by Nabeel Hyatt at Spark Capital, with participation from our existing investors: Andreessen Horowitz and Redpoint Ventures.
Building a searchable news firehose
This post was written by James Shield, senior producer for Stories of Our Times, a daily news podcast from The Times and The Sunday Times of London. It was originally published on his blog and is republished here with permission.
How To Capture Great-Quality Video On a Limited Budget
2020 was the year many of us became impromptu video editors. Some of us had already been producing marketing videos, product videos, or how-to videos for our business or organization. Others created vlogs and social media videos for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. But for many of us, 2020 was the year we dived headfirst into remote work and video meetings — and they’re here to stay.
How To Choose The Podcast Microphone That’s Right For You
The most important step towards building a successful podcast with an engaged audience is creating interesting, compelling content. But somewhere along the way, every podcaster will come to the same inevitable realization: If I’m going to take this seriously, I need a better microphone.
Descript 3.6 new features: Remote recording, folders, and more
Descript 3.6 is here and ready for download, and we’ve got some exciting new features to show off.

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