Descript 3.8 new features: Copy Search Results and workflow improvements

Descript 3.8 features a number of workflow improvements, including changes to how you interact with the sidebar and timeline, but the biggest and most exciting new feature of Descript 3.8 is Copy Search Results. We’ll tell you more below, but first let’s show you with a video.

Copy Search Results

Copy Search Results allows you to search and find all instances of a word or phrase in your project, then copy and compile the full sentences that include your search term. This is particularly helpful if you’re cutting a large amount of audio or video down to a snappy edit of clips relevant to a single topic. To learn more about how Descript was recently used to create a viral political ad, check out our interview with Barry Rubin and Chris Herbert, the minds behind the ad.

Also in Descript 3.8:

Sidebar improvements

We’ve enabled multi-select in the Composition sidebar, and added a right click menu.

Waveforms no longer mirrored in the timeline

Waveforms are no longer mirrored, so you can make more efficient use of vertical space.

Timeline range selection style improvements

Range selections no longer have a black border, allowing for more precise selection.

Triple-clicking in timeline selects entire track

Double click to select a clip, triple clip to select the full track.

Drag timeline selection into a new track

Drag-and-drop a clip from the timeline into a new track, removing it from the original track.

Copy/paste selection as new track

Copy and paste a selection from the timeline into a new track, while also preserving it in the original track.

Improved: Clicking in timeline will cancel range selection.

Click and drag to make a selection in the timeline, then click outside that selection to cancel it.

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